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Charles Garrison Owner, Bad Donkey Sub Company

Rent-A-Man is the glue that holds my company and my home together. Robert's team let's me spend my time focused on my customers, friends and family. I love this community and I have a blast spending time with customers. The last thing I want to st...

Julie & Ken B., Scottsdale AZ

Every week like clock work, Angel arrives, knows just what to do and always does a little extra.  We referred you to one of our neighbors just last week.  Thank you for the great service.

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Robert Patton completed his Tool and Die Maker Apprenticeship in 1969. As years passed, he began to design and build automated assembly equipment, robotics, and special machinery for a variety of industries. Remodeling and repairing homes has been a lifelong passion. He moved from Ohio to Colorado to Arizona buying and remodeling homes as he went.

Robert founded Rent-a-Man Homeowner Services in 1998 after leaving the corporate world to pursue his dreams of owning a business that could really make a difference in the lives of others. He now buys and renovates homes, condos and apartments to rent or sell; he also has a strong focus on property management as well as maintenance and safety of swimming pools.