Algae Treatments

Scottsdale Pool Algae Treatments
Algae treatments are designed to kill the algae in your swimming pool. Unfortunately, many people use commercially available chemicals which do destroy the algae but they don’t stop it at the source. The result is continued frustration as algae continue to return month after month. You must first correct the problem that allowed the algae buildup, and then treat the water. Otherwise the problem continues week after week.

The best and most economic way to clear your pool of all algae is to hire a professional pool cleaner, like us. Our job is to ensure the complete removal of algae from your pool and all affected equipment. Simply removing the surface algae or algae in the water will not remove it from filters and other important equipment.

Swimming Pool Maintenance

Proper maintenance is required to ensure algae do not gain another foothold in the future. Make sure to test your pool’s water on a regular basis and add chemicals as necessary. If you don’t have time to perform regular maintenance, hire a pool cleaning service. We currently support more than 200 homes and would be glad to help you.

Swimming pools require a lot of work that many working adults simply don’t have the time to perform. There’s nothing wrong with hiring professionals to do the job so all you have to do is enjoy the crystal clean water on your days off. That is, after all, why you bought the pool. Right?

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